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A pioneering spirit set to inspire!

Ever wondered what the lives of our ancestors must have been like?

Where did our heritage come from?

And more particularly, how did those who came before us survive the harsh realities that faced them in a country where they had to forge new ground and yet stay strong in the face of seemingly enormous hardship?

If you are curious enough to want to know more about the pioneering spirit why not step back, figuratively speaking, into the lives of our predecessors

One powerful way to do this is to get hold of the stories of Lori Wick.  Her knack for bringing the past alive is second to none.  Her books weave historical realism into a really good read. You get a deep feel for what the people of the era must have been living.

Lori has written a number of series set in what you might call ‘wild /mid-west’ or pioneering times.  But there are also novels set in various parts of English and European history as well as a number of books of contemporary fiction.  So there’s plenty of variety! Whatever the setting, past or contemporary, the common thread is an interesting set of believable characters whose life journey will inspire the reader.

A friend who looks after our church library first recommended Lori Wick books to me.  Sensing I needed encouragement and knowing I enjoyed reading, she chose a trilogy and I was on my way!  I found it hard to put the first book down and along the way discovered I was identifying with the ups and downs of the characters, even if they lived hundreds of years before I was born.  Lori’s style is easy going yet the sorts of themes being grappled with are ones to which I could easily relate- getting on with others, new beginnings, work challenges, decision making and God’s will, church issues, problem solving, who is God in the circumstances of this world… just to name a few.

As I read each new series, I found myself gripped, encouraged and challenged. I’m so thankful for Lori’s ability to intertwine the various aspects of the characters’ lives to challenge and spur me on in my own life and faith.

About the time I read my first Lori Wick novel, my husband asked me about the books I was obviously enjoying!  He had noticed one on my bedside table with a cover picture of a smiling lady dressed in period costume and an old-world looking building in the background.  I suspected his interest might be due to an incorrect assumption. It’s one that I think is sadly all too common. I’ve never found books by Lori Wick to be merely frivolous romance novels.  Far from it!

So I began to read aloud to him bits of the stories that spoke to me.  For example, a few paragraphs from a sermon preached by a minister character that blew me away with its insightful truth.  Nodding, my husband very quickly changed his mind about Lori Wick!  Please don’t get the wrong impression from the pretty book covers.  Yes, this is fiction and some of the story lines might make for ‘light’ reading but they are insightful, thought provoking and very encouraging.

Lori Wick is certainly a seasoned writer.  Her mastery of the ‘good read’ shines through in all her books.  More than that, she seems to sincerely care for her readers.  In the “Dear Reader” section she writes that she prays for her readers and thanks God for them.

So, be inspired by the way God can use her writing to show the power of His love and forgiveness.

Welcome to Lori Wick dot org!

My first post! More information on Lori Wick coming soon.